~~~Winter Concert: Tuesday, November 12th!~~~

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

August Composer of the Month: Johann Sebastian Bach!

On Monday and Tuesday we discussed our composer of the month, Bach!  We talked a little about his upbringing (his parents died when he was 9 and he went to live with his older brother where he learned to play the harpsicord).  He composed many beautiful and well-known compositions -- and we heard two of them in class!

The first recording we listened to was Bach's Concerto for Violin and Oboe in C minor, Allegro (Finale). Here's a link to a beautiful recording (we listened to the first minute or so of a CD of the University of North Texas Baroque Orchestra in class):

Then, we watched this very gifted organist play one of Bach's most famous compositions Toccata and Fugue in D minor.  Look at the beautiful pipe organ!  Here's the link the video we watched (we watched the first two minutes or so): 

After each song, we discussed all the musical elements and how they each encompassed the Baroque era: texture, tempo, dynamics, instrumentation, and note duration.  Pretty spectacular music!

Saturday, August 3, 2019

1st Day Fun!

Happy weekend!

I hope everyone had a wonderful first day of school and first day of music class!  On our first day in music we reviewed and sang through our solfege hand signs (do, re, mi...etc), identified quarter notes, eighth notes and half notes, spoke a 4 measure rhythm example on the board (ta ti-ti or 1 2-and), and then used that rhythm to learn the cup game!  The cup game is a fun way to use our rhythm to create and maintain one steady beat across the entire group of students.  I've attached a video (and the link) below to a YouTube video showing how to play if your child would like to practice (or if you want to learn and play with them!).  Next week we will perfect the rhythm and see how fast we can do it together!

On our first day of music we also discussed music class procedures.  My classroom rules are as follows:
  1. Try your best every single day.  I believe that all students have the ability to sing, and to sing well, if they try their best every day!
  2. We have a safe room.  We never make fun of each other for trying!  Singing in front of our peers can be a very vulnerable activity.  Instead of laughing or making fun when someone makes a mistake, we encourage each other as we all try our best.
  3. Raise your hand to ask a question or to answer a question.
  4. Have fun!
I am so looking forward to getting to know each and every student and hope they are as excited as I am about this school year!  Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns, and don't forget to make note of our mandatory choir concert on Tuesday, November 12th!  I'll be posting more information about the concert as we get closer.

Enjoy your weekend!

Mrs. Zimmermann



Friday, July 19, 2019

A Welcome Note from Mrs. Zimmermann

Welcome to Mrs. Zimmermann's music class!

I am so excited to meet you and your student and explore the beautiful world of music together!  Please check back for updates to this blog on what your child is learning about this year in class, and always feel free to contact me at Azimmermann@archwaylincoln.org (don't forget the second 'n' at the end of my name).  I'm looking forward to a wonderfully musical year!

Amy Zimmermann